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  2. Hype!!! Majority of the forums have been nuked as well!
  3. OsLegion is returning after 1-2 Years! I have decided in re-opening my masterpiece of a server with the help of special co-owner Alex the legend, however! We are not going to open we're we died off, We plan to do a complete content & bug overhaul to become a long-lasting competitive top server! How are we going to do this you ask? ⦁ Hired two developers for full-time work(Leonidas, Leviticus) ⦁ Throughout 1-3 months play, grind, bug fix and make raids everlasting fun ⦁ Commitment to unique DAILY events such as pking, discord, drop party rooms ⦁ Provide detailed developer logs of what's changed in the process ⦁ A new user mind-blowing experience with a special starting gameplay twist ⦁ Catch up with two years of new content! (How Exciting) What can we expect upon re-work of oslegion ⦁ We have re-done the network layer to handle 200 players as well as top the memory overloads causing dc's throughout the day ⦁ We're re-doing the entire raid 1 experience which includes a fully new dynamic system but a fun raiding experience ⦁ A whole new skilling experience which will overtake slayer completely as a beginner ⦁ Event Mayhem? Free for all pking events, drop party rooms, last man standing events, world bosses, a grand lottery to make the day a little more pleasurable to play on ⦁ Imbued System for items ⦁ Hydra ⦁ Latest OSRS items imports What about the old supporters/veterans? ⦁ We have a special reward for all the vets who decided to stay with us for the long term more information will be given upon release When is Release ⦁ Once we have touched up all areas to ensure there isn't boring experience which hopefully two to three months maximum What updates can we expect in the coming future ⦁ We noticed the majority of our player base enjoys to play ironmen therefore, We'll be adding group ironmen system once we addressed any focused bug reports.
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