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  1. Hey, I'm Malou!

    Welcome to the server Malou! Will be cool to see your progress.
  2. All weekend long starting Mid-day Friday Bonus XP and PC Points will be active for all to take advantage of!
  3. Posting the first graphics here

    Pretty cool looking graphics
  4. Imbued Mage Capes! New Imbued Magic Capes added to Mage Arena Minigame. - New minigame for capes still being worked on. Bosses - Total Level to enter raids increased to 1,500 - Vorkath common droptable lowered to 1/1 from 1/4 - Zulrah's Mage form now has a much lower chance of using his range attack. Previously 1/4,now 1/10. - Cost to reclaim lost items at zulrah lowered to 250k - Cerberus Common Droptable rate lowered to 1/1 from 1/4 - Cerberus Uncommon Droptable rate lowered to 1/15 from 1/30 - Cost to reclaim lost items at Cerberus lowered to 250k - Rune Items added to Common Droptable for Cerberus - Lizardman Shaman Common Table Lowered to 1/2 from 1/5 - Lizardman Shaman Uncommon Talbe Lowered to 1/12 from 1/20 Donator Benefits - Mage of Zamorak(Runecrafting) npc added to vip zone Super Vip Benefits - reduce raids death timer to 10 seconds - increased points from pest control ex: 12 points per game without WOGW, 17 with WOGW - reduce cost of getting items back from dying at zulrah to 150k - cancel slayer tasks for 20 points Mega VIP BENEFITS - reduce raids death timer to 5 seconds - double tokkull from finishing fight caves - reduce cost of getting items back from zulrah to 100k - cancel slayer tasks for 10 points Legendary Rank - reduce cost of getting items back from zulrah to 50k - cancel slayer tasks for 5 points - increase points from pest control to 15 per game without wogw, 20 with wogw Teleports - Lletya teleport renamed to "Elves" - Revenants teleport added to "Player Killing" Category - Giant mole tele moved to "Monsters" Category - Cerberus teleport added to "Bosses" Category - Quick Teleport to Corporeal beast lair removed, Changed with Teleport to top of Revenants cave for 100k Diaires - Rune C'bow added to the daily limit store - Western Easy Diary to unlock - Rune Pickaxe and Rune axe added to daily limit store - Lumbridge&Draynor Easy Diary to unlock Quality Of Life - New players now get 2 start mboxs instead of 3 - 3 bm for every wildy course completed - Hellhounds secondaries buffed. (1-8 Raised to 3-12 for common)(5-16 raised to 8-20 for uncommon) - Hellhounds uncommon table lowered to 1/35 from 1/65 - Antidotes added to potion shop - Rune bolts and black d hide added to range shop along with addy darts Mithril darts - Cost to charge 1000 charges for trident lowered to 500k from 1M - Cost to charge 100 charges for trident lowered to 50k from 100k Cosmetic Changes - Treasonous ring(i) moved to Common drop from Super mbox. - Ring of the gods(i) removed from super mbox loot - Amulet of the damned removed from super mbox loot - Ale of the gods added to uncommon drop in super Mbox - Ale of the gods has new standing/Walking/Running Animations when wielding! - Easter Basket added to uncommon drop in super Mbox - Easter Basket has a Skipping animation when walking/running - Afro Has a new dance emote! (Legit Hilarious) - Music cape has a new Standing animation when being worn This is my new favorite emote for sure! Comes with afro! Bugs - Nurse in Vip Zone fixed - Starter Mboxes made untradeable - Toy Cat made untradeable
  5. We are moving to a new dedicated server to combat various lag issues on the server. There will be a downtime of approximately 30 minutes - 1hour. Thank you for your patience
  6. Donor benefits suggestions + more

    Very nice suggestions! Will be implementing for sure
  7. I think the raid we had with 14 people was fun for sure. I sort of want to iron out some of the bugs it has and then try to get 30 people in one raid. Unfortunately no rare drops this event, but we'll see what happens in the next one
  8. Gonna be some fast lootationss
  9. Lets try to get as many players as we can into a raid and see what can get some drops!! Make sure you have 1k total level, because that's needed to even begin a raid. The more people the higher odds of getting a drop. Lets go for TBOW June 8th 1:00 Pm Central Time (CT)
  10. Our main goal was to target and get rid of the Dc problem we have on the server. Alongside that we've got these updates. Might have missed a few as ive had a hectic time with dc and maybe forgot to log some updates ive done. New Fast Xp Mode: - Combat Xp Rate is 3x faster than regular accounts - Skilling Xp Rate is 2x faster than regular accounts - Regular accounts now receive a permanent 1.5% droprate increase for playing the mode Slayer: - Various Slayer npcs now require items to efficiently kill them - Such as cave horror requiring whitchwood icon etc - Gargoyles now require rock hammer to finish off - Whitchwood icon added to slayer store with a price of 10 slayer points - Mirror shield added to slayer store - Players can now reset Medium/Hard/Boss/Wildy Tasks with the Easy Slayer Master Daily Limit Shop: - iban's staff added to daily limit shop -- requirement ardougne easy diary - mage's book added to daily limit shop -- varrock+western+ardounge easy to unlock - mage's book is now untradeable - Dragon Bolt e -- Default limit raised to 50 - Dragon Bolt e -- completed all requirements quantity raised to 1200 daily. - Slayer reset scroll. Lowered from 1-3-5 from requirements daily, to 1-2-3 daily - Dragon Dart -- Default daily limit raised from 30 to 75. - Dragon Dart -- completed all requirements daily quantity raised to 1000 daily - Price of Dragon dart raised to 1.5k - Dialogue rewritten for requirements on items, so people more easily understand how many items can be purchased after completing certain requirements Other Updates: - increased bm from resource area - lava drag teleport added - fixed decorative armor, now wearable - goblins and hobgoblins not attacking fixed - contributor scroll into vote shop - bandits not attacking fixed - kbd/abby head make untradeable - seeds plus a few other drops removed from abyssal sire's uncommon droptalbe - unsired droprate lowered to 1/116, from 1/126 - Slayer helm works as nose peg,facemask,earmuffs,spinyhelm - New Range shop added for ironman mode - mage shop reworked for ironman convenience - Ironman can now buy noted molten glass in crafting guild - players can now reset Medium+ slayer tasks with an easy tasks at the cost of your consecutive task streak. - various items' names changed in the console for easier understanding. - such as "archery ticket - is now "Vote ticket" in console. - sand crabs are now not aggressive - dwarf mine renamed to Mining in skilling teleport - Karamja renamed to Fishing in skilling teleport - Dclaws special attack nerfed - Gwd bosses aggression fix
  11. Starting from Friday Night bonus Experience and Pest control points will be active! So get your grind and void done faster to get to that juicy late game content!
  12. L0l

  13. Sweet looking bank, good vid btw
  14. Jackson's bank vid

    Sick Bank! Only ironman with tbow :PP
  15. Can hop on the channel and subscribe as well, i do plan on posting more videos there.