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  1. Official Price Guide

    kiss me already
  2. Hey, I'm Malou!

    Welcome brother, hope you enjoy our server:) -PS thanks for supporting our country!
  3. Oslegion Update - 017

    nice updates bb
  4. Well then

    haha nice!
  5. calling a kodai boys
  6. OSLegion Update(Fast Xp Mode)- 016

    good update boys:)
  7. Jackson's bank vid

    Disregard this stupid post, I posted the wrong link for my bank video. I uploaded the file from my videos, instead of putting the youtube link in. -My apologies, Jackson
  8. Jackson's bank vid

    Desktop 2018.05.30 -
  9. Hi

    Hope too see you around! goodluck on the gains.
  10. Herblore guide

    nice guide daan, keep up the work!
  11. Alphas Progression Post

    Nice progression alphas, looking forward to your gains.