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  1. Killing Vorkath Guide

  2. Killing Vorkath Guide

    Hello and Welcome to my Killing Vorkath Guide, In this guide I will show you the different types of gear and inventory setups you can have as well as a video at the bottom showing how I killed the boss and my method so that you may be able to receive the Vorkath's head! I will go ahead and start off with Setups from best to worst as well as inventories. INVENTORIES: Helm: Serpentine Visage > Void Range Helm > Verac's Helm > Helm of Nietzont > Archers Helm Amulet: Salve Amulet > Amulet of Anguish > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory Body: Armadyl Chestplate > Void Elite Top > Void Top > Karils LeatherTop > Black D'Hide Body Legs: Armadyl Chainskirt > Void Elite Robe Bottoms > Void Robe Bottoms > Karils Leatherskirt > Black D'Hide Chaps Boots: Pegasians > Ranger Boots > Snakeskin > Climbing Boots Gloves: Barrows Gloves > Void Gloves > Ranger Gloves > Black D'Hide Vambs Main Hand Weapon: Twisted Bow > Dragon Hunter Crossbow > Armadyl Crossbow > Toxic Blowpipe > Rune Crossbow Shield: Skeletal Wyvern Visage > Wyvern Visage > Dragonfire Shield > Anti-fire Shield Arrow Slot: Ruby Bolts (e) [If using Crossbow] > Dragon Arrows [If using Twisted Bow] > Dragon Darts [If using Toxic Blowpipe] > Dragon Bolts (e) [If using Crossbow] Ring Slot: Archer's Ring (I) > Archer's Ring > Ring of Wealth (I) > Ring of Wealth Cape Slot: Ava's Assembler > Avas Accumulator Max Cape > Avas Accumulator > Avas Attractor Second Main Weapon to Reduce Stats: Dragon WarHammer > Bandos Godsword Examples of Setups and Inventories shown: Max Setup: Elite Void Setup: Karils Setup: Welfare Gear Setup: Start of the Vorkath Kill: To Start the kill, you must go north and Climb over the Ice Chunks. After that you will go ahead and take out your secondary weapon to reduce the stats of Vorkath before beginning the kill. After, you must step on a specific tile since it does not allow you to use melee weapons anywhere else. To begin the fight, press "Poke Vorkath" to wake the beast up and engage when it gives you a fight option. Vorkath's Different Fighting Styles: Vorkath uses a variety of attacks, primarily range and mage attacks, as well as melee if standing next to him. He can also use three types of dragonfire: regular, venomous, and prayer-disabling kind. His dragonfire is stronger than other dragons' and requires more tiers of protection to block. The final common attack is a fireball he launches high in the air that must be dodged or it will deal substantial damage. Occasionally, he will use one of two special attacks and alternate between them: Freezing the player in place and summoning a Zombified Spawn that will approach the player and explode violently if not killed, You must use the Spell "Crumble Undead" to kill this Zombified Spawn and so that it will not hit you a 50+ in damage. Launching acid pools around the area and rapidly spitting fireballs at the player that must be dodged or they will deal high damage very quickly Once Vorkath is killed, he will return to his original pose, and if Dragon Slayer II is completed, can be re-woken for another battle. DROPTABLE: Fun Fact: Once you have recieved Vorkath's Head, you can go to the Draynor's Manor and speak to Ava and with the Ava's Accumulator, Vorkath's Head, and 75 Mithril Arrows. You can get your Ava's Assembler! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/63EPOB46drY" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. Hello, this is my Varrock Achievement Diaries Guide starting from Easy to Elite and best and most efficient way to do them. Varrock Diaries are essential for mining pre-99 and for iron men that are starting out to get their easy and medium diaries done to get access to the rune shop located at home. Also once you achieve the elite diaries, you will receive 200 battle staves daily from Jack at home. Apart from the 200 battle staves, you will also receive the Varrock armor 4 which acts as the 99 mining cape where you will get double ores everytime you mine a rock. Good luck on your adventures! Map of the city of Varrock with circles showing you the locations of the areas to where you can get these achievements done: Easy Diaries: 1: Run the Varrock Rooftop Agility Course 25 times. REQUIREMENTS: 30 Agility. LOCATION: Right behind the general store of Varrock. You should see an agility symbol circled above. 2: Smith steel knives in pairs of 5 10 times. REQUIREMENTS: 37 Smithing LOCATION: West Varrock next to the bank. You should see a smithing symbol circled on the map above. 3: Fill some vials with water from the center fountain. REQUIREMENTS: 10 Empty Vials, best way to get is to drink potions you don't need until they empty. LOCATION: Right when you teleport to Varrock 4: Craft some earth runes. REQUIREMENTS: 9 Runecrafting, and one pure essence. LOCATION: Use the Zamorak Mage to Teleport into the Abyss, then go south west into the Abyss. 5 AND 6: Have the wizard teleport to the essence mine AND mine 10 pure essence. REQUIREMENTS: A Pickaxe (We are going to know these two at once since there's no reason to come back and waste more time, so bring the pickaxe and kill two birds with one stone essentially) LOCATION: South East of Varrock on the Map shown as a fire rune. 7: Steal from tea stall. REQUIREMENTS: 5 Thieving LOCATION: East of East Varrock Bank right next to the zamorak mage. 8: Dance, Dance, Dance 15 times. REQUIREMENTS: The emote dance, pretty self explanatory LOCATION: Anywhere in Varrock 9: Mine Some Iron Ore 10 times. REQUIREMENTS: 15 Mining and A Pickaxe LOCATION: South East Varrock Mine. On the map above, you should see a mining symbol circled. Medium Diaries 1: Enter the champions guild. REQUIREMENTS: None. LOCATION: South of Varrock, East of the Dark Wizards. On the map above, it says Champions Guild. 2: Browse Thesellia's store. REQUIREMENTS: None (Ironmen cannot use her store, BUT if you still use the trade option on her. The diary requirement will still be completed.) LOCATION: Middle of Varrock 3: Have the apothecary create you a strength potion. REQUIREMENTS: 1 Red spider egg and 1 Limpwurt root. LOCATION: South West Varrock there will be a potion symbol on the map above. 4: Buy a kitten from gertrude. REQUIREMENTS: None LOCATION: West Varrock past Juliet's home. On the map above, it is going to be the quest symbol circled above. 5: Use the grand tree teleport. REQUIREMENTS: None LOCATION: North East in the Grand Exchange. On the map above, it will be the arrow teleport symbol. 6: Let Bob Barter Decant your potions. REQUIREMENTS: Potions that are 3 dose and below. LOCATION: Bob Barter is located in ::home bank. Hard Diaries 1: Pray at the church altar with smite active. REQUIREMENTS: 52 Prayer and have to have smite turned on. LOCATION: Northeast Varrock. On the map above, it will be the candle symbol. 2: Squeeze through the Edgeville dungeon pipe. REQUIREMENTS: 15 Agility. LOCATION: Dungeon Teleports > Edgeville Dungeon > Going to be where Vanakka sits in OSRS right to the left of him. (Not displayed on map.) 3: Chop some yew logs 80 times. REQUIREMENTS: 60 Woodcutting and an Axe to cut them with. LOCATION: North of Varrock Castle. On the map above, the tree symbols circled are the yew trees shown. 4: Cook some lobsters in the cooking guild. REQUIREMENTS: 40 cooking minimum, 150-160 raw lobsters if not 75+ cooking. LOCATION: NorthWest of Varrock, on the map above, the cooking pot symbol will be circled. Elite Diaries 1: Create some super combat potions. REQUIREMENTS: 90 Herblore, 100 super attacks, 100 super strengths, 100 super defence, and 100 torstol herbs. LOCATION: Any bank IN VARROCK, if you attempt to make the potions outside of varrock they will not count towards the requirement. 2: Smith some rune knives 200 times. REQUIREMENTS: 92 Smithing and 200 rune bars. LOCATION: West Varrock next to the bank. You should see a smithing symbol circled on the map above. 3: Craft more than 150 earth runes in one go 30 times. REQUIREMENTS: 82 Runecrafting. LOCATION: You can use the Mage of Zamorak located behind the back at ::home. Not pictured in the map above. In conclusion: After all Diaries are done, go speak to Toby in the middle of Varrock Square where he will give you the Varrock Armor. Varrock Armor gives a chance to double ore when you mine, except at Varrock Armor 4 when its always guaranteed that you will get double ore for every time you mine. You will also get more battlestaves from Jack at home when you claim your daily reward. Good for crafting xp and when alched is also very good money. Good luck on your adventures and keep grinding! - By The Way
  4. By The Way's Guide for 99 Prayer

    Hello this is By The Way and this is my 99 prayer guide. Prayer is essential for anything to do with combat in OsLegion, so therefore getting 99 prayer will make everything much more efficient in the game whether it be bossing, PvPing, or normal slayer tasks. 99 Prayer will make it so that you can stay longer and not have to bank as much and have to use other resources such as food instead. Location The most efficient way to get 99 prayer is to use the altar at home in Edgeville in the little Edgeville monastery. This Altar has an option to "Upgrade" it. To Upgrade this altar, you must BURY 5 different bones using the bury option. Once all 5 bones have been buried, you can click to upgrade the altar and you will activate that altar to give you 3x prayer experience that you would without upgrading it which is 2x prayer experience. Easiest Places to get these bones in OsLegion: Normal Bones: Training Teleport > Chickens or Cows Big Bones: Dungeon Teleport > Ice Dungeon > Kill an Ice Giant OR Dungeon Teleport > Brimhaven Dungeon > Kill Moss or Fire Giants Baby Dragon Bones: Dungeon Teleport > Taverly Dungeon > Go through the pipe and go past the Blue Dragons and kill the Baby Blue Dragons. Dagannoth Bones: Dungeon Teleport > Dagannoth Cave > Go under the ladder, pray range, and kill Dagannoth Supreme with Melee Dragon Bones: Dungeon Teleport > Taverly Dungeon > Go through the pipe and kill the Blue Dragons Calculations: To get 99 Prayer with ONLY Baby Dragon Bones will take you 3184 bones with the Altar Being Upgraded! To get 99 Prayer with ONLY Dragon Bones will take you 1326 bones with the Altar Being Upgraded! To get 99 Prayer with ONLY Dagannoth Bones will take you 764 bones with the Altar Being Upgraded! Congratulations! You have achieved 99 Prayer and are probably wondering where to get that skill cape and what the perk is. Well 99 Prayer Skillcape acts as a holy wrench where every dose or prayer potion or super restore you take will give you 2 extra prayer points restored! To get this max cape you will go South of Edgeville to go to the lever where you will meet with the Wise Old Man where you will pay 99k for your skillcape. Good Luck on your adventures! - By The Way