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  1. L0l

    Funny picture. I feel like this belongs in another section: Spam
  2. Hi

    Welcome to the server!
  3. Loot from 100 venenatis + GIVEAWAY!

    Nice video, man. Sadly you didn't get any good rares besides the bloodier keys. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
  4. Bonus EXP and PC Points ALL WEEKEND LONG!

    Loving the bonus weekend!
  5. Runecrafting guide

    Great guide. Definitely could have used a better picture for the Abyss. I recommend:
  6. 200m xp capes

    You are correct, but in my opinion, if Master Capes were added for the max experience in a skill... It would be more enjoyable for the grinders that come.
  7. Hi there

    Hello. My ign is Infamous and I look forward to meeting all of you in game.