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  1. apply for ingame supporter

    im not realy know what to say lol. i have been helping some new guys out to show em around i even suport the server(own chose). and i will do anything to work this out as you can tell english is not my first language, im from the netherlands.
  2. apply for ingame supporter

    dear oslegion / staff I would like to be considered for server support. i am often online have reasonable knowledge about the server constantly with voten for the server. I am from the Netherlands am 23 years old irl name kevin. I have been helper on some other server, so some experience has been a long time ago. normally I will not ask for promotion but yeah no you have, yes you can get :) if there is something you want to know let me know. thank you for your time ing: ezgame aka kevin
  3. Official Price Guide

    niceee ! and thanks haha
  4. Killing Vorkath Guide

    awsome keep up the good work! IF DOEING IT WITH TBOW DONT FORGET THE ANTIFIRE POTS
  5. By The Way's Guide for 99 Prayer

    nice guide ! well done
  6. ADDES

    hello guys ezgame here, I have a couple of suggestions witch contains to hard clue scrolls. maybe we could get the blessings from osrs aswell as the ornement kits like the dragon (g) and the zenyte jewellry. thats it for now thanks