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  1. Fun fighting the homie feud!

    you are garbage
  2. Kaleb's Suggestions

    I don't agree with the different game modes idea, but if we were to implement a game mode with different attributes, it should be like x10 or x20 xp or something. People play x1 for the osrs feel, so I dont see why they would want special perks. Other servers use game modes with like x10 xp and give them a slight drop rate boost, a special weapon, and other perks. I think this would be cool. I definitely agree with crystal keys, as of now they feel like they only useful for ironmen. Maybe you could add it so the drop tables for normal players and ironmen are different? Therefore, it could be more of a variant.
  3. I sure hope you're going to do what me and you talked about with the inferno rather implement the full infernos. A full inferno of all waves would be dead content...
  4. forums

    Please make it so your message inbox can hold more than 1 message. This is extremely annoying because it makes me delete any message that I've sent before I can pm another person on forums.
  5. in compensation, give us some double xp or something
  6. drop tables

    As of now, the drop rates are way too grindy. I understand that drop rates can't be too low or the economy will go to shit. However, drop rates should not be harder than real osrs.. The drop rate to hit the rare drop table for zulrah is 1 in 256 on osrs and they give you two rolls on the drop table. On here it's 1 in 323... and I'm not sure if you even get two rolls or not. A whip is 1 in 256... for just a damn whip. Gabe, you told me yourself that you want this to be an easier version of osrs, but why is the drop rates equal to or harder than real osrs? I think almost all npcs could have their rates adjusted. zulrah should be around 1 in 150 at max, whip should be 1 in 100 along with other bosses.