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  1. Bloody Chest Rewards!

    Since the topic is unlocked and nobody has yet voiced their opinion, I decided that I'll be that person to say something. Look, I'm only saying something because i'm interested in the future of OSL and plan to donate myself to support it. In the meantime, the items I'm listing need to change: Remove Fight Hat - Make/Keep it a Pest Control item Dragon chain (or) kit shouldn't be common - make them rare or a Vote Shop (tickets) item Fury (or) kite shouldn't be common - make them rare or a Vote Shop (tickets) item There are Dragon Boots in common and uncommon - remove Dragon boots from common Remove Mystery Box - keep them a Store item Remove PK points - 30 Add Mysterious emblems Common: Tiers 1-4 Uncommon: Tiers 5-8 Rare: Tiers 9 & 10 Keep in mind that I'm thinking about those that play as Ironman as well.
  2. Would love to add multiple items and see what's added to the Ground Items customizer. More features plox.

  3. Oh nice update thread Gabe. PETS! I'm so excited! <3 Wintertodt is looking great. Thank you.