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  1. Bloody Chest Rewards!

    Since the topic is unlocked and nobody has yet voiced their opinion, I decided that I'll be that person to say something. Look, I'm only saying something because i'm interested in the future of OSL and plan to donate myself to support it. In the meantime, the items I'm listing need to change: Remove Fight Hat - Make/Keep it a Pest Control item Dragon chain (or) kit shouldn't be common - make them rare or a Vote Shop (tickets) item Fury (or) kite shouldn't be common - make them rare or a Vote Shop (tickets) item There are Dragon Boots in common and uncommon - remove Dragon boots from common Remove Mystery Box - keep them a Store item Remove PK points - 30 Add Mysterious emblems Common: Tiers 1-4 Uncommon: Tiers 5-8 Rare: Tiers 9 & 10 Keep in mind that I'm thinking about those that play as Ironman as well.
  2. Hi everyone, Smirk again. I'm back at it again with another suggestion thread but this time we're going to be looking over the forums! Please, contain your excitement. These suggestions are meant to give the forum some appeal, making it inviting and a place for forum users to stick around and remain active on here as well. Add a Shoutbox: community interaction Add Discord Integration Widget: forum side block Add User Legend module: Indicates ranks and their colors Add Members Online Today module: shows all the members that have visited within the last 24 hours Prevent all users from using the Villain 4.2 - ipsfocus theme Create & Add forum rank images Create & Add postbit backgrounds to staff ranks (Admin/Server Support/Server Mod/Forum Mod etc) Remove WIKI from the navigation bar: perhaps it'll be useful in the future but currently has no use Enable Messenger Notification List for all users excluding guests (remove E-mail only) New message Add to a conversation Enable Forum Signatures (max images: 3) Allow users to edit their own topics an unlimited amount unless topic is locked Allow unlimited amount of images per topic (great for guides!) Allow unlimited amount of characters (words) per thread (great for guides) Add a Staff Online module Remove 'OsLegion' from the following: OSLEGION INFORMATION - Change to "Official" OsLegion News & Information OsLegion Updates OsLegion Bug Reports OsLegion Suggestions OSLEGION GENERAL - Change to "General" Add Staff Updates sub-forum to Updates (keeps the community up to date with staff demotions and promotions) Add Development Blog sub-forum to Updates (good for development progress such as Wintertodt) Change Rules & Knowledge Base to Knowledge Base Move Rules thread into Knowledge Base Move Knowledge Base to the bottom of the Information category Create a Management category and put it under the General category Move Bug Reports from Information to Management category Add a Support sub-category to Management: Add Password Support sub-forum to Support Add Donation Support sub-forum to Support Add Technical Support sub-forum to Support Add Solved sub-forum to Support Create an Appeals sub-category to Management: Add a Solved sub-forum to Appeals Create a Reports sub-category to Management: Add Player Reports Add Staff Reports The structure would look like this: Management Staff Applications Handled (private - members can only view their own applications) Support Password Support (private) Solved (private) Donation Support (private) Solved (private) Technical Support (private) Solved (private) Bug Report (private) Solved (private) Appeals (private) Solved (private) Report A Member (private) Player Reports (private) Solved (private) Staff Reports (private) Solved (private
  3. marvel costume outfits XD

    No thanks and no support. There's Minecrap for that.
  4. Would love to add multiple items and see what's added to the Ground Items customizer. More features plox.

  5. random agility

    The aspect ratio is nice but the quality could be better. I'd love to see more videos from you in at least 720p.
  6. Oh nice update thread Gabe. PETS! I'm so excited! <3 Wintertodt is looking great. Thank you.
  7. Game: Suggestion List #1

    I have so many suggestions and ideas but I feel like too many would be overwhelming so I'm going to limit them and/or save them for the future. I plan to continue suggesting content but nothing crazy until we get a higher population.
  8. Game: Suggestion List #1

    ALL Slayer bosses: Kree'arra Commander Zilyana General Graardor K'ril Tsutsaroth Dagannoth Kings Cerberus Giant Mole Kalphite Queen Venenatis King Black Dragon Callisto Chaos Fanatic Vet'ion Chaos Elemental Barrows Brothers Crazy archaeologist Scorpia Thermonuclear smoke devil Zulrah Kraken Abyssal Sire Grotesque Guardians Demi-bosses: Skotizo Deranged Archaeologist Wilderness Demi-bosses: Crazy archaeologist Chaos Fanatic The Inferno / waves + Donator Perks (see Donator ideas below): Non-donators start at wave 9 Donators start at wave 19 Super Donators start at wave 29 Extreme Donators start at wave 39 Legendary Donators start at wave 49 VIP Donators start at wave 59 Fight Caves Minigames (Donator Perks): Non-donators start at wave 13 Donators start at wave 23 Super Donators start at wave 33 Extreme Donators start at wave 43 Legendary Donators start at wave 53 VIP Donators start at Jad Remove drop rate scroll! While this seems like a great idea, the intent will do more harm than good and it's a big NO from potential players! Change the amount for donator statuses and add a couple of more: $10 - $25: Donator $25 - 50: Super Donator $50 - $250: Extreme Donator $250 - $500: Legendary Donator $500+ - VIP Donator While I think it's wonderful that you have created zones for donators, I don't think there should be a huge difference between $30 & $100. In fact, I think you should section off parts of the donator zones for separate donator status. For example, at Donator Zones, make a part of it only for Super Donators+ - meaning $10 - $25 Donators won't be able to access it as well as certain areas that only Legendary Donators & VIP Donators can access. Same would go for an area that only VIP Donators can access within these. This would give players incentive to donate to help support the longevity of OSLegion. Something to think about at least. And of course my list will continue. Thanks for reading! Take care.
  9. Game: Suggestion List #1

    Since I can't continuously edit my own topic, I'll have to keep multi-posting (sorry). So here is what else I'd like to suggest for in-game: Replace [Did you know?] what something similar, like this: Makes it shorter and more appealing Increase the time between bot checks/random events Change the Date & Time tab (next to Trade tab in chat box) to Support that redirects players to the Support section of the forum Remove the black paw sprite when a player obtains a pet Add text when players hover over game frame tabs Example: Display text when a player hovers over the Options tab (wrench) Add game frames Add 10x hits Add old + new hitsplats Add old + new health bars Add HD (OpenGL) options Add Tweening options Add Blending options Update Prayers Tab: Add ::maxhit command that displays maximum hit with worn equipment in chatbox
  10. Remove "Cost:" from Teleports interface Add a Trade Center in Home area - Possible objects: Trade Table - table Trade Post - a single tile object Trade NPC - self-explanatory Add a Teleport NPC at Home with the same options as World Map Change the use of World Map orb to open World Map Add a Cities teleports with no money or rune costs (QoL - you'll thank me later) Al Kharid Move Aroudgne to Cities Teleport Catherby Camelot Falador Lumbridge Varrock Add a Dungeons teleport category Move Slayer Tower to Dungeons Move Edgeville Dungeon to Dungeons Move Taverly Dungeon to Dungeons Move Ice Dungeon to Dungeons Change Ice Dungeon to Asgarnian Ice Add Corporeal Beast to Boss teleports Change individual Wilderness boss texts to red (indicates dangerous) Reward players with random event items for choosing the right choice during bot check/random event Add multiple Random Events for increased bot prevention Nerf clue scrolls from being instant to adding steps (reason: Eco): Easy: 1-3 steps Medium: 2-5 steps Hard: 4-6 steps Elite: 5-7 steps Master: 6-8 steps Add some QoL commands: ::fg for Fishing Guild ::wg for Warriors' Guild ::wc for Woodcutting Guild Add a 'Make All' button to skilling options Add Minutes to "Played:" timer Move "Statistics" under "Information" in Quest Tab Add "Experience Remaining" (until next level) on skill hover Display Total Experience on "Total Lvl: ####" hover Would love to see most OSRS Options: Display Mouse scroll zooming Screen Brightness Resizable screen Transparent side panel 'Remaining XP' Prayer tooltips Special attack tooltips Data orbs Roof-removal Advanced options Audio Music Volume Sound Effect Volume Area Sound Volume Chat Chat Effects Split Private Chat Hide Private Chat Profanity Filter Login/Logout notification timeout Controls Mouse Buttons Mouse Camera Follower options priority Set Keybinding Shift Click Drop Attack option priority Other settings Toggle Run House options Building Mode Render house with doors open Expel guests Leave house Add a rest option: Right-click > 'Rest' on the Energy orb to rest for quicker energy restore Thank you for viewing. I will add more for the next week and if more suggestions or ideas occur, I'll create a new post.
  11. Hello Legion

    Hi everyone, I go by the name Smirk and I'd like to introduce myself. To keep it brief, I have been scouting the OSL thread for roughly a week and finally decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did since I have been enjoying my experience. I enjoy the forum as much as the game so you can expect to see me on here contributing guides, bug reports, suggestions and much more. I hope to familiarize myself with other members of the community and make some new friends. I'm really digging the website layout. If you see me online, feel free to send me a PM on here or in the game. Hope to see you around! - Smirk