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  1. OSLegion Update - 009

    Thanks Gabe! Would be cool if the double-exp thing was actually a ticket that can be bought/sold by players
  2. OSLegion Gambling Rules

    RULE NUMBER 3: Don't gamble against @Gabe
  3. Olm Drop Fixes Update - 006

    should've specified it then I asked on the cc and they said easy tasks gave 500pts aswell
  4. Olm Drop Fixes Update - 006

    Gabe just finished my 50th task and only got 100 points... can you fix it please? @Gabe
  5. Olm Drop Fixes Update - 006

    thanks @Gabe and @Crimson
  6. Mystery Box Rewards List

    how many partyhats in-game @Gabe?
  7. Olm Drop Table

    u sure we can hit the rare drop table?
  8. Bonus EXP Weekend Event!

    ty gabe
  9. last wave of inferno is not easy
  10. Huge Drop Rate Overhaul Update - 005

    You should reduce the iron drags visage drop rate