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OSLegion Update - 007

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Gabe    33

Not everything i was hoping to get fixed with olm, got fixed. So we'll be having another update in the coming days fixing more things with olm :)



- Skeletal Wyverns drops added


- Skeletal Wyverns added as Hard task from duradel
                 - Teleport option added in teleport interface

- Corporeal Beast Added to Bosses Teleport.

- Corp damage nerfed

- PK Point shop item Additions


- Vote shop item additions
      - Fighter hat, Fighter Torso, Dragon Defender, Dragon Scimitar
      - Various Item price nerfs

- Crystal chest Item additions
      - runite ore, adamantite ore, yew logs

- Zulrah now has a 1/10 chance to roll table twice.

- 5-20 Blood money is now dropped when killing a player in the wilderness


Quality of Life

- Player Rank Icons now display in the clan chat!

- Imbue rings price lowered to 100 pkp instead of 250 per ring.

- Well of good will Prices Nerfed
     - 15m for 20%xp and +5 Pc points
      - 40m for double Droprate increase

- Wilderness course exp per lap raised to 12k from 5k

- Noted molten lava added to crafting shop

- Added an "Add to" option to the well of good will

- Annoying pin message removed from spamming your chat

- Snowy floors added, Snow only falls in edgeville

-Raid Quality of Life-

- 30 second timer upon death, to enter boss room again

- 75 ranged, mage, strength required to enter the raid

- Loot message at the end of raid

- Max hit of Colored sphere lowered



- Item Protection and alch Values added for raid items and more.

- Failure rate for seers rooftop course nerfed.

- Bug with Olm droprate fixed. Ultra rare being easier to obtain than rare.

- Cannot use cannon in the Zulrah instance

- Dragon Sword Special attack nerfed. Damage Down, 40% spec amount.

- Fixed wilderness 3 law rune bug where 3 law runes are taken from your inventory even if you dont teleport.

- Furnace in VIP zone fixed


Added Still Testing

- Kalphite Queen has been added and is still being tested locally.

- Olm fixes

- Wintertodt is still slowly being worked on.

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Classified    1

btw about the seers roofto, you stop failing at around 83 agility, im 86 and still failing alot

- if wanna fix that then do it while you kinda already worked on it please


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