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OSLegion Update - 002

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Gabe    33

Great start to the server, i'm very happy how it was released. Now i'm a lot more confident in the state of the server after encountering issues that have now been resolved. With the progress of development on the server, i'll soon be launching a lot of advertisement to get a flow of players into the server.

Lets go over the update :P


- Teleporting to earth warriors with enchanted gem now works.

- You no longer need 60 defence to wear an anti-dragon shield.

- Warrior guild tokens now stack.

- Level 60 attack requirements have been set for dragon skilling items, and infernal items.

- Level 40 attack requirement set for rune axe.

- Dzone was missing an anvil, now fixed.

- Bug where hellhounds give A lot more experience than it should fixed.

- Bloodier keys were dropping to often, bug fixed to proper drop rate of 1/100.


- Voting has been implemented.

- Rogues' Den teleport added in the skilling tab in the teleport interface.

- When a player logs in consecutively for 7/14/21/28 days, an announcement is made to the entire server congratulating the player.

- Blood money now drops from all bosses in the wildy at a 1/15 drop rate.

- Working bone crusher has been coded and will be implemented next update.

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Tyler    13

Great updates man, Love seeing work done. 


@Phantom The Staff Team wants a not so easy server, you will have to grind for things. It keeps the game interesting.

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