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Oslegion Olm fixes Update - 010

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Gabe    33

Our main focus of development is to fix the fundamentals first, then to continue to expand on what we have. Why expand when other things are broken? Thats the main purpose of this update. Although we did still add a few new features :P here's the update log.

Olm Fixes:

- Players Can no longer trade/follow in safe room

- Players can't attack olm with range in safe room

- Death penalty lowered to 15 seconds

- Range now works great on both sides of olm room!

- Players can only Mmage the right claw now

- Fire wall gfx fixed

- Crystal shunt now only deals damage once instead of twice

- Players can no longer use the green gate to teleport while fighting olm

- 1000 total levels needed to begin doing raids

- Clipping fix so players don't continuously run into the wall

- Claw(Right) Now only takes mage damage.



- Buy x added to shops!

- New Tutorial added for new players!

- Godwars Dungeon Bosses and Minions are now aggressive!

- Mystery box and Super, now have an interface showing the rewards in game!

- Saradomin Godsword Special Buff

- Dragon Claw Special Buff


Quality of Life

- Double Xp time for Vote lowered to 10 minutes

- Can Shift-Click pouches to empty them now!

- Mac for Max cape Moved to home, where Zulrah npc was.

- Zulrah npc moved to docks similar to osrs, and Zulrah teleport added to the teleport interface



- Protection Prayers work as intended like in osrs now.

- Ult. Ironman now able to buy items from blood money store

- Ironman can now buy the mystery box from the achievement store

- Some Drop table modifications

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Gabe    33
6 minutes ago, tuck tuck said:

sweet update Gabe, glad to see everything really coming together

We are going in the right direction for sure!

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