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OSLegion Donator Benefits

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Gabe    33

NOTICE: Refer to http://oslegion.com/store/ to purchase any of these ranks.
Once purchased you will receive a scroll that is trade-able in game.

Ol30ASR.gif Contributor Rank Ol30ASR.gif

~Public Ingame Rank~

~2% increase in drop rate from npcs~

~Access to Donator only Shop~


~A'abla healer, free healing and special attack restore~

~Ability to ::Yell (60 Second Cooldown)~

~Access to Tier 1 Donator Zone~

Tier 1 Donator Zone(::dz)

~Plenty of Adamant/Rune/Gem rocks to mine~

~Quick Teleport option to(Resource Area/KBD/Godwars Dungeon + 10 KC for it/Corporeal beast)~

~Donator Only Slayer Cave (included npcs - Abyssal Demons/Dust Devil/Nechryael/Dark Beast/Cave Horror/Kurasks)~

~Donator Exclusive Level 90 Thieving Stall~

~Anvil and furnace only steps away from bank~

~Manta,Shark,Karambwan, and Anglerfish fishing spots~

~Prayer Altar~

~Crystal Chest~




M8ZGCOV.gif Sponsor Rank M8ZGCOV.gif

~Includes all Contributor Benefits~

~4.5% increase to drop rates from npcs~

~Ability to create a custom Title!~


~Cooldown for ::Yell reduced to 45 seconds~


Mb938uk.gif Vip Rank Mb938uk.gif

~Includes all Sponsor Benefits~

~7% increase to drop rates from npcs~

~Increased drop rate for crystal chest~

~Increased drop rate for bloody chest~

~::Yell cooldown lowered to 25 seconds~

~Increased exp rate in donator zone by 35%~

~Access to Tier 2 Donator Zone~

Tier 2 Donator Zone(::vip)

~Includes bloody chest & crystal Chest~

~Cooking range, Spinning Wheel, Pottery Oven, Inches from bank~

~All rocks and trees included~

~Un-aggressive Kraken and Callisto Wilderness bosses in their own area~


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Tyler    13

Very clean, I also like how you added multiple zones, how we talked about it! Great work cannot wait too see future updates! 

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