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Oslegion Update - 013

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Gabe    33

This updates on stuff that's been fixed/added the past couple days.
Ill be making a full thread on everything that has been added to the server from before relaunch on another day.

Just a list of things no format

  • Adamant gloves now require only 1 defense
  • Olm is working properly now.
  • Increased rate of extracting coal
  • Increased arrow saving for avas accumulator/attractor to 80%
  • Ava's Assembler added, saving 90% of ammunition used
  • New Item Bone Bracelet Added
    • Automatically buries bone for you at a 2.25x xp rate.
    • Obtainable via the daily limit shop from jack.
  • Kurask and Turoth droptables redone similar to osrs. 
  • Leaf-bladed sword and battleaxe added into game via turoth/kurask droptable
  • Lizardman Canyon teleport moved to monsters tab
  • Crazy Archeologist teleport added to bosses tab
  • Lizardman Shaman drops made more similar to osrs
  • Giant Mole boss droptable made more similar to osrs
  • All Dagannoth Kings Very Rare droptable decreased to 1/176 from 1/256
  • Abyssal Demon(Catacombs) rare droptable decreased to 1/100 from 1/156
  • Antidote++ immunity period to venom+poison lowered to 3 minutes
  • Anti-venom now fixed and cleanses venom+poison. Immunity lasts for 6 minutes
  • Anti-venom+ now fixed and cleanses venom+poison. Immunity lasts for 12 minutes
  • Can't use augury and rigour at the same time anymore. Works as intended
  • Obelisks moved to crafting guild
  • Can 1 hit vorkath spawn with crumble undead now
  • Al-Kharid gate now working
  • Skeletons/Cyclops/Cave Crawlers are now attackable
  • Highscores working
  • Slayer task numbers lowered


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