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OSLegion Update - 015 (Inferno)

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Gabe    33

We've basically completed Inferno and want you guys to test it! Alongside inferno though we've fixed and added a few things.


- Can test inferno in game with the command  ::inferno
- We are only putting out the boss fight for this update



- Players now gets a Vorkath head on 50th kill of Vorkath, then its chance afterwards



- A timer has been added to raids
  - Timer begins when the first person crosses the green gate
- Rare and Very Rare drops will now be announced to the server


Prayer Altar:

- Prayer altar now only gives 2x rate of bones instead of 3x
- To increase the altar to give 3x bone bury xp rate
  - The player must bury 5 types of bones
  - Bone, Big Bone, Baby Dragon Bone, Dragon Bone, Dagannoth Bone


Quality of Life:

- Burn rate of food heavily reduced. More similar to osrs now
- Max hit of Twisted bow lowered to 90 outside of raids


Daily Limit Shop:

- Slayer Task Reset Scroll added to shop
  - Complete all Easy diaries to be able to purchase 1 scroll a day.
  - Complete all Medium diaries to be able to purchase 3 scroll a day.
  - Complete all Hard diaries to be able to purchase 5 scroll a day.

- Daily Limit Shop Fixed



- Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Boss counts towards slayer task
- Fixed all enchanted bolts special attacks
- Cannon Removed from Godwars
- Items kept on death reworked
- Can't use new prayer scrolls after already unlocking them once
- Looting bag removed as drop from various catacombs npcs



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