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Oslegion Update - 003

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Gabe    33


  • Superior Slayer has been implemented!
  • VIP Zone added!
    • Includes all trees, all ores!
    • Cooking range, Spinning Wheel, Pottery Oven, Inches from bank
    • Un-aggressive Kraken and Callisto Wilderness bosses in their own area
  • Working Imbued heart coded in, which temporarily raises your magic level.
    • Dropped by Superior Slayer Npcs

Quality of Life

  • Money earned from stalls has been nerfed
  • ::benefits command added, directing you to the donator benefits thread
  • Kraken drop rate of Tentacle/staff lowered to 275, Jar of dirt drop rate raised to 400
    • Kraken health raised to 350
  • Supporter Rank removed entirely.
    • Sponsor rank now raised to 30$ and drop rate increased to 4.5%


  • 100's of items requirements and stats fixed. (Including arrows giving prayer bonus instead of range)
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G11    0

Great updates, can't wait to try it out!

Hope it doesn't dissapoint, I have high expectations from what I am seeing!

Greetings, Glenn.

Edited by G11

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Crimson    0
22 hours ago, frombehind said:

Do we get all of the normal osrs drops from these superior counterparts? ie mist battlestaff/imbued heart/dust battlestaff/ eternal gem?

3x regular npc droptable roll & imbued heart roll

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