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OSLegion Update(Fast Xp Mode)- 016

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Gabe    33

Our main goal was to target and get rid of the Dc problem we have on the server. Alongside that we've got these updates.
Might have missed a few as ive had a hectic time with dc and maybe forgot to log some updates ive done.


New Fast Xp Mode:

- Combat Xp Rate is 3x faster than regular accounts
- Skilling Xp Rate is 2x faster than regular accounts
- Regular accounts now receive a permanent 1.5% droprate increase for playing the mode


- Various Slayer npcs now require items to efficiently kill them
   - Such as cave horror requiring whitchwood icon etc
- Gargoyles now require rock hammer to finish off
- Whitchwood icon added to slayer store with a price of 10 slayer points
- Mirror shield added to slayer store
- Players can now reset Medium/Hard/Boss/Wildy Tasks with the Easy Slayer Master


Daily Limit Shop:

- iban's staff added to daily limit shop -- requirement ardougne easy diary
- mage's book added to daily limit shop -- varrock+western+ardounge easy to unlock
- mage's book is now untradeable
- Dragon Bolt e -- Default limit raised to 50
- Dragon Bolt e -- completed all requirements quantity raised to 1200 daily.
- Slayer reset scroll. Lowered from 1-3-5 from requirements daily, to 1-2-3 daily
- Dragon Dart -- Default daily limit raised from 30 to 75.
- Dragon Dart -- completed all requirements daily quantity raised to 1000 daily
- Price of Dragon dart raised to 1.5k
- Dialogue rewritten for requirements on items, so people more easily understand
   how many items can be purchased after completing certain requirements

Other Updates:

- increased bm from resource area
- lava drag teleport added
- fixed decorative armor, now wearable
- goblins and hobgoblins not attacking fixed
- contributor scroll into vote shop
- bandits not attacking fixed
- kbd/abby head make untradeable
- seeds plus a few other drops removed from abyssal sire's uncommon droptalbe
- unsired droprate lowered to 1/116, from 1/126
- Slayer helm works as nose peg,facemask,earmuffs,spinyhelm
- New Range shop added for ironman mode
- mage shop reworked for ironman convenience
- Ironman can now buy noted molten glass in crafting guild
- players can now reset Medium+ slayer tasks with an easy tasks
  at the cost of your consecutive task streak.
- various items' names changed in the console for easier understanding.
  - such as "archery ticket - is now "Vote ticket" in console.
- sand crabs are now not aggressive
- dwarf mine renamed to Mining in skilling teleport
- Karamja renamed to Fishing in skilling teleport

- Dclaws special attack nerfed
- Gwd bosses aggression fix

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Vamperous    5

Much appreciation to the staff team of OSL and Gabe for the time they put into the server. DC issue has been a bitch but it's nice to see we're working through it. Thank you for the updates ;)

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