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OSLegion's First Update - 001

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Gabe    33

This is an update list just before launch marking our first update of the server. Plenty more updates will come and we are excited to create an ever-growing community in oslegion. We'll always be listening to what the player has to say and we want to create a server that even an un-experienced gamer can get comfortable quickly and join the long lasting adventure with everyone.



- Bloody Chest Added at home. Similar to Crystal chest, the bloody chest can be opened by obtaining a bloodier key. You can obtain a key by killing any boss or player in the wilderness. These keys are rare and drop very valuable rewards. A key drops at about a 1/100 drop rate.

- Daily Rewards have been added. Come online and play for 30 minutes to receive a reward. Everyday the rewards differ only if you consecutively login. At the end of each week you get the best reward and if you log in everyday for 28 days straight, you'll receive a custom pet!

- Once you get a skill to level 99, the experience rate of that skill drops to 5-10x that of osrs.

- A new raids npc has been added near the raids door, who answers any questions about how to begin raids etc.

- A new Blood Money npc added, who describes what and how blood money can be obtained.

- Blood money system has been buffed and will continue to be expanded upon.

- Pk-district mini-game completely removed.

- Slayer has become more beginner friendly. Since its the go-to starting out strategy on most rsps's we created an all-in-1 interface. 
Which shows all the information you need to do slayer. It also shows which bosses correlate with your task and any alternative npcs you can kill. Another addition to slayer that we added was a teleport directly to your task, which can be done through the enchanted gem, by right clicking - teleport.

- A new VIP+ only Donator zone has been created, as an appreciation to those who decide to donate to the server.



- Plenty of bugs that deal with olm have been fixed. We expect to see some more but will be on fixing it as soon as we find them.

- A clipping fix on the wall has been added. Previously you were able to run through a certain wall in the slayer area at home.

- Fixed issues with map, every npc is now in its correct location.



- Stress tests have taken place to further look into any performance issues the server may have.



- Added login screen music.

- A launcher has been added that will automatically download a new client without issues, if we were to have a client update. (resolves the issue where player must re-download the client after an update to it.)

- Fixed up some inconsistencies with the text in the teleport interface. 


             Partially Complete

- A wintertodt system has begun development, and will be completed some time after release.

- Superior slayer system has begun development.

- Catacombs of Kourend has begun its development, and should not take too long to complete.

- Our current music system will be expanded into an in-game system to include regional music changes and sound effects for various actions.

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Prince    0

how i can download it , i click in website play now there is osrune rsps not yours and its offline i want to play ur game just give me website of downloading the luncher

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