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Super Mystery Box Rewards!

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Gabe    33

This is a list of rewards you can get from the super mystery box. Other box rewards will be posted in the near future as well.


ammy of the damned
dragon axe
dragon pickaxe
lava dragon bones
blood money
barrows gloves
mysterious emblem 5
occult necklace
rabbit feet
blacksmith helmet
ranger gloves
black demon mask
old demon mask
corrupted helm
corrupted platebody
corrupted platelegs
corrupted kiteshield
Dragon throwing axe

ring of wealth(i)
infernal axe        
serp helm
magic fang
tanzanite fang                
ring of the gods(i)
smouldering stone
mystic smoke staff
kraken tentacle
treasonous ring(i)
eternal crystal
pegasian cyrstal
primordial cyrstal    
hill giant club
white unicorn mask
black unicorn mask
large spade
blood money
pk points


dragon sword
twisted buckler
elysian spirit shield 
spectral ss
arcane ss
santa mask
santa jacket
santa pants
toxic blowpipe
easter egg helm
trident of the swamp
music cape
rainbow phat
elder wand
blood money
clueless scroll

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