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Mystery Box Rewards List

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Gabe    33

Mystery Box Rewards


Coal (2000)
Bow String (5000)
Fighter Torso
Cooking Gloves
Ring of wealth
Magic Secateurs
Agility Arena Ticket (200)
Super Potion Set (100)
Mysterious Emblem (7)
Ranger Boots
Dark Crab (2000)
Anglerfish (250)


Rubber Chicken
Penguin Mask
Royal Sceptre
Royal Crown
Runite Ore (500)
Runite Bar (350)
Pirate Hat & Patch
Musketeer Hat
Top Hat
Rune Cane
Gilded Boots
Granite Clamp
MSB Scroll
ROW Scroll
Steam Staff Upgrade Kit
Blood Money (200)
Agility Arena Ticket (400) 
Sagacious Spectacles 


Godsword Shard 1,2,3
Red Phat
Yellow Phat
Blue Phat
Green Phat
Purple Phat
White Phat
Santa Hat
Bunny Ears
Green Hween
Blue Hween
Red Hween

Blood Money (400)
Agility Ticket Ticket (600)
3rd Age Cloak
3rd Age Bow
3rd Age longsword
3rd Age Wand
Leprechaun Hat
Granite Clamp
Ward Upgrade Kit
Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit
Steam Staff Upgrade Kit
10$ Donator Scroll
Dragon Cane



Credits to Tyler for writing the rewards out!

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